Watch "The Fighter" Official Music Video!

Watch "The Fighter" Official Music Video!

The official music video for "The Fighter" featuring Carrie Underwood is here - and we can't stop watching!!!

Check it out below:

Kerry Losapio Kim Roberts Kimberly Jo Akins caroline gwizdala Carole Hamilton Lori Ellis connie stewart Barbara Geisslinger susan Charlene stewart Carolyn Gargus Missy Gale Sandra Ayres Linda Raisl Mary Renshaw Robin A. Musto Gary D Watkins Michelle Wright elaine phyllis oblenis darlene merryweather Vicki burke (rye)
TheFighter1964 TheFighter1964 admin
2 wks

This is an amazing video. As a matter of fact, it's my favorite EVER!!

sunray247 sunray247 admin
1 mo

Doesn't get much better than this. Keep amazing us Keith. You're the man!!

marhb16 marhb16 admin
1 mo

All of Keith's music is addictive! This one with Carrie is great. It. I listen and it just puts me in a good mood!!

sheilar2002 sheilar2002 admin
2 mos

I'm just love his music. It puts me in a trance.

pamelafreemangreene pamelafreemangreene admin
3 mos

Love it! Great collaboration!

mconway71 mconway71 admin
4 mos

They need to do more songs together. You can tell they truly had an amazing time making this video. They are absolutely amazing together!!

pattyasinkevitch pattyasinkevitch admin
5 mos

It's addicting I can't stop playing it I love it so much

bjjackson bjjackson admin
5 mos

Love it! Love the song!

MTLindale MTLindale admin
5 mos

Simply Awesome!

marilyngillard marilyngillard admin
6 mos

Fantastic as is anything Keith does,but I the video he did with Nicole more.

susan101 susan101 admin
6 mos

Love it Keith !!

kroberts8 kroberts8 admin
6 mos

Love, love, love this video❤ Obviously they had fun making it.

chowder chowder admin
6 mos

I absolutely love this!!