Saturday, April 28, 2018
Indio, California
Stagecoach Festival
sunshinewalker sunshinewalker admin
1 mo

Got Stagecoach tix today. Hoping they offer a meet & greet!

alyssa7201 alyssa7201 admin
1 mo

It says the contest does not exist for meet and greet??? How can we win meet and greets?? Would love to win for my sister (tiwaf208) and me!!!!

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1 mo

Contest hasn't opened yet. Once it is confirmed there will be one, you and your sister can each enter for the random drawing provided you are VIP members, have purchased tickets to the show, and have not won in the past 365 days.

tiwaf208 tiwaf208 admin
1 mo

I would love to win a meet and greet to meet Keith! It's my birthday on the 28th too! It would be the best birthday ever and another thing crossed off the bucket list! We go every year to Stagecoach as we live 10 mins from the Polo Grounds.

rawlings2 rawlings2 admin
1 mo

Oh man how I would LOVE to go to Stagecoach!!! I have a couple friends that go every year and it looks like an amazing time.

cthomas39 cthomas39 admin
1 mo

Can't wait!!! Praying I win a meet and greet!!:)