Friday, March 31, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
AT&T Block Party
daniellejm daniellejm admin
7 mos

We're so excited to Keith tonight!!! Would love to have the opportunity for a meet and greet :-)

keith0714 keith0714 admin
7 mos

Which network will broadcast Keith on 3/31 at 8:30pm PT (10:30pm CT) ??

judymp judymp admin
7 mos

Here's a link to watch it. Don't know if it'll be televised.

vickimthomas vickimthomas admin
7 mos

Looking forward to seeing Keith!! We love his music!! His music always makes my day brighter. God bless you Keith!! 🎶🎵🎼

NancyB1954 NancyB1954 admin
7 mos

I will be there!! Can't wait!! Any meet and greets?

nikkibrake nikkibrake admin
7 mos

I am also wondering if there are any meet and greets for this show

clatrn clatrn admin
7 mos

Any meet & greets for this?

carolhiggs57_cc carolhiggs57_cc admin
7 mos

I am so happy SW airlines has free flight changes - added Phoenix and then on to Vegas for the ACM's. Going to be an awesome weekend