Friday, August 11, 2017
Oro-Medonte, ONT, Canada
Boots & Hearts Music Fest
janetclements janetclements admin
3 mos

I'm so looking forward to seeing Keith this Friday at Boots and Hearts. Haven't seen him since last July 2016 in Toronto. But darn, I just got the tickets and missed the Meet and Greet! IMG_3793.JPG

carolshaw1966 carolshaw1966 admin
3 mos

Looking forward to another amazing Boots&Hearts Concert Weekend.

sandraa2000ca sandraa2000ca admin
3 mos

this is the CLOSEST i'll ever get to Keith Urban, but unfortunately i don't have tickets to this event :( have fun everyone and plz post pics on FB !!

jenticing jenticing admin
3 mos

There are a few contests on Facebook for tickets! Try and enter!! ❤️

abeaudry abeaudry admin
4 mos

Hi hoping someone sees this...could Keith sing Come back to Me, at Boots And Hearts...the chorus means a great to me. My bay girl left for Europe for 6 months, We live in Canada and it was the hardest thing because I wanted to keep her close but didn't want to hold her back from her dreams. Her travels amazed me to show me how truly strong she was. Music has such a great ability to touch people, I hope artist realize how some songs help them through extremely tough times. This song will forever hold a very special place in my heart and I have waited a long time for Keith to come to Boots and Hearts. Canada loves you!!!! Btw I have volunteered at Boots and Hearts for 5 years now. I love country music and the stories the the songs tell.

dolce_vita725 dolce_vita725 admin
3 mos

I agree. So hope he sings Come Back to Me! Has meaning for me too! Also Black Leather Jacket!

amayamay2002 amayamay2002 admin
4 mos


My 30th birthday is on the day of this show! I would be stoked if a miracle happened and I could get there from Minnesota!I don't ask for much, but damn, "I just want a little bit of everything"!❤

vanessabybel vanessabybel admin
9 mos

Wish will finally come true❤

kukrazy kukrazy admin
9 mos

Can't wait ❤😃🎶🎸

christiebraendle4 christiebraendle4 admin
11 mos

Will you have any Meet and Greet opportunities for us to sign up for? My 10 and 11 year old have attended all 5 years and love the meet and greets! Please let me know how to sign up for one....Christie Braendle, We are so glad you are coming next summer! You will love the festival.

jenticing jenticing admin
6 mos

Meet and greet contest is now open