Friday, July 21, 2017
Twin Lakes, WI
Country Thunder
geoffg9137 geoffg9137 admin
3 wks

got my 1st meet and greet thanks to Country Thunder and on the stage seating too. awesome night thanks.

rachelknoske rachelknoske admin
1 mo

3 days and counting!!Treating myself to this show for my birthday week. Love love love Keith. Can't wait!!!

shebjust4fun shebjust4fun admin
1 mo

Can't wait, less than a week now! ❤️

hitekristine hitekristine admin
3 mos

This says I am not in an appropriate group after buying the most expensive ticket from this site. I don't understand!

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1 mo

It has nothing to do with what type ticket you purchased. Are you a paying VIP member?

michelefps michelefps admin
3 mos

Ok I am going. I have a store there It's A Girl Bling Thing. I am a VIP member and now I think I was entered for the meet and greet. Ok ya'll I am ready even though I have passes to access the show. Yes I did buy reserve seating. This is a must to always see Keith!!! I did sing with him on stage in Phoenix, but i need more!!!!14804896_10209695955709454_755684344_n.jpg

dcyano dcyano admin
2 mos

I was at the Phoenix show with my wife. We had awesome seats and you were so fun on stage with Keith. We are gong to Twin Lakes also sitting in Section E Row 3. Maybe we can meet. Have you received your wristband yet for entry. We are coming from San Francisco CA. We are also going to MT Pleasant MI show and trying to get good reserved tickets for Iowa show to make it a KU weekend. Do you know if anyone has really close seats for sale to any of these shows? Thanks for sharing a fun memory with us.

jonilhally jonilhally admin
6 mos

was there a presale code offered for this event?

oceansfire69 oceansfire69 admin
6 mos

I really can't wait to go I don't know where the place is but I'll be sure to find it LOL! Thank you for coming to Wisconsin, Keith Urban You Rock!

countryluvingurl countryluvingurl admin
7 mos

It'll be my first time going to Country Thunder. Not crazy about fairs & festivals but that's not going to stop me. I can't miss seeing Keith when he comes to Wisconsin

alanaclark alanaclark admin
7 mos

Really want to go. But, getting there is a problem. Never been to Country Thunder before. It's too far for us to drive. I'll have to do a lot of begging though!

countryluvingurl countryluvingurl admin
6 mos

I hope you change your mind & decide to come. Single day tickets are on sale now

nancyc4 nancyc4 admin
8 mos

So looking forward to seeing Keith again at country thunder