Sunday, July 16, 2017
Craven, SK, Canada
Country Thunder Saskatchewan
shanscrazy4keith shanscrazy4keith admin
4 mos

I am so excited for this weekend!!! Ten year dream is coming true!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity of a meet and greet!!!!!

jonesresatsasktelnet jonesresatsasktelnet admin
4 mos

how can i sign up for the meet and greet it says im a member but it says im not in an appropiate tier What does this mean? what do i do?

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
4 mos

I'm seeing that the contest has ended.

debmayson debmayson admin
4 mos

Hi I tried to enter for meet & greet but was denied that I don't belong in right tier? Please explain
Thank you.

jonesresatsasktelnet jonesresatsasktelnet admin
4 mos

I had the same confusion Are u a Vip member?I guess i only had the free memberdhip so I had to buy the vip membership It lasts for 1 year

berneeprosser berneeprosser admin
4 mos

How do you enter meet and greet?

wendyjb_10 wendyjb_10 admin
4 mos

Can't wait to see you on Sunday at the Country Festival Craven! We will be trying to get your attention with something from your home country in the Platinum Seating! Hope I win the meet and greet!

cathie6643 cathie6643 admin
5 mos

Hi - I dont want tickets, Im too OLD to attend, just wanted to thank you for continuing to play/sing such great music. I couldnt figure out how else to thank you on the computer. You're music and songs are timeless and I appreciate you. :)

atmcintyre atmcintyre admin
7 mos

Can't wait!!!!