Sunday, July 16, 2017
Craven, SK, Canada
Country Thunder Saskatchewan
shanscrazy4keith shanscrazy4keith admin
1 mo

I am so excited for this weekend!!! Ten year dream is coming true!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity of a meet and greet!!!!!

jonesresatsasktelnet jonesresatsasktelnet admin
1 mo

how can i sign up for the meet and greet it says im a member but it says im not in an appropiate tier What does this mean? what do i do?

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
1 mo

I'm seeing that the contest has ended.

debmayson debmayson admin
1 mo

Hi I tried to enter for meet & greet but was denied that I don't belong in right tier? Please explain
Thank you.

jonesresatsasktelnet jonesresatsasktelnet admin
1 mo

I had the same confusion Are u a Vip member?I guess i only had the free memberdhip so I had to buy the vip membership It lasts for 1 year

berneeprosser berneeprosser admin
1 mo

How do you enter meet and greet?

wendyjb_10 wendyjb_10 admin
1 mo

Can't wait to see you on Sunday at the Country Festival Craven! We will be trying to get your attention with something from your home country in the Platinum Seating! Hope I win the meet and greet!

cathie6643 cathie6643 admin
2 mos

Hi - I dont want tickets, Im too OLD to attend, just wanted to thank you for continuing to play/sing such great music. I couldnt figure out how else to thank you on the computer. You're music and songs are timeless and I appreciate you. :)

atmcintyre atmcintyre admin
4 mos

Can't wait!!!!