Watch "The Fighter" Official Music Video!

Watch "The Fighter" Official Music Video!

The official music video for "The Fighter" featuring Carrie Underwood is here - and we can't stop watching!!!

Check it out below:

darlene merryweather susan Charlene stewart Lori Ellis Mary Renshaw Kim Roberts Crystal Sawyer-Mosier Carolyn Gargus caroline gwizdala Vicki burke (rye) Carole Hamilton Sandra Ayres Kerry Losapio Linda Raisl Missy Gale Michelle Wright Robin A. Musto Barbara Geisslinger Gary D Watkins elaine phyllis oblenis Kimberly Jo Akins
mconway71 mconway71 admin
5 days

They need to do more songs together. You can tell they truly had an amazing time making this video. They are absolutely amazing together!!

pattyasinkevitch pattyasinkevitch admin
1 wk

It's addicting I can't stop playing it I love it so much

bjjackson bjjackson admin
3 wks

Love it! Love the song!

MTLindale MTLindale admin
1 mo

Simply Awesome!

marilyngillard marilyngillard admin
1 mo

Fantastic as is anything Keith does,but I the video he did with Nicole more.

susan101 susan101 admin
1 mo

Love it Keith !!

kroberts8 kroberts8 admin
1 mo

Love, love, love this video‚̧ Obviously they had fun making it.

chowder chowder admin
1 mo

I absolutely love this!!