Saturday, September 2, 2017
Snowmass Village, CO
Jazz Aspen
countryluvingurl countryluvingurl admin
2 wks

just bought my ticket

akoziol4ku akoziol4ku admin
2 mos

Interested in this venue but never been there before. Is it crazy? Like do we have to be there 8 hours early just to get a good place to sit or how is it organized? Any input would be helpful before I decide to purchase tickets. Thanks much!

mtkufan4ever mtkufan4ever admin
1 mo

last time Keith played... you did have to be there earlier, but not 8 hours. seems like people started REALLY lining up a couple hours before gates opened... when gates open, that is when the fun begins :) you need to RUN to get a spot up front... although a bit back wouldn't be bad as the ground slopes up away from stage and the stage is fairly high so it is easy to see KU up there ;) hope that clears up your questions... I believe I will be returning! last time Keith played there... it was an awesome show, even though it poured on us the WHOLE concert... but KU played and we stayed!!

dkbrantley30 dkbrantley30 admin
2 mos

Happy New Year Keith

teresalu teresalu admin
3 mos

So exciting he is coming back to. Aspen !! So glad I bought my tickets early. Woo Hoo

46turtles 46turtles admin
1 mo

Are single day tickets on sale? I can't find them any where...

luridi luridi admin
3 mos

Woo Hoo!!!!
Great way to spend the Labor Day weekend!