Friday, July 21, 2017
Twin Lakes, WI
Country Thunder
jonilhally jonilhally admin
1 mo

was there a presale code offered for this event?

oceansfire69 oceansfire69 admin
1 mo

I really can't wait to go I don't know where the place is but I'll be sure to find it LOL! Thank you for coming to Wisconsin, Keith Urban You Rock!

countryluvingurl countryluvingurl admin
2 mos

It'll be my first time going to Country Thunder. Not crazy about fairs & festivals but that's not going to stop me. I can't miss seeing Keith when he comes to Wisconsin

alanaclark alanaclark admin
3 mos

Really want to go. But, getting there is a problem. Never been to Country Thunder before. It's too far for us to drive. I'll have to do a lot of begging though!

countryluvingurl countryluvingurl admin
1 mo

I hope you change your mind & decide to come. Single day tickets are on sale now

nancyc4 nancyc4 admin
4 mos

So looking forward to seeing Keith again at country thunder