Saturday, August 5, 2017
Camrose, AB, Canada
Big Valley Jamboree
sundayrose sundayrose admin
1 mo

Waiting patiently for my 13th time to see you Keith! Hoping to win a meet and greet this time!

landgirl landgirl admin
1 mo

The best thing about BVJ this year is Keith. It's been too long since he was last there. 2010 & 2017 are by far the best ever in my books!!! Bring it on!!!

marinam2 marinam2 admin
2 mos

Only 84 more sleeps...YAY!!!!

laniniab laniniab admin
2 mos

The whole reason I'm going to Big Valley Jamboree is Keith!!!!! So excited!!

cloe1018 cloe1018 admin
7 mos

CAN'T WAIT!!2016_10_25_10_41_58.jpg